Jo and the stars

Jo and the stars is a novel am writing about a school teen through his dix years of his secondary school life.

Each year comes with a different group of students. What misses out is Jo’s life at home but all is encountered during the different study periods of the year.

Let me what you think about it and your expectations


Nutrition and Culture

Hey there,

Tomorrow i will be starting a live stream about culture and how it affects the nutrition status of individuals in the Country.

I will begin with an interview. Candidate is from the Central and is willing to have the info shared. It will help us a lot devise interventions and also assess currents programs.

Let me know of anything important in the comments section!

Thank you.


Polythene bags!

For a long period of time Uganda has wanted to ban use of polythene bags as a way to keep the city clean and answer the environmentalist call to protect our planet.

It is almost a decade now and no conclusive action has been taken. Why? Could it be that we benefit from the industries producing these bags. Well definitely the answer is yes. Could we look at it in another angle. Probably it’s more than just  making the city dirty. Think of the taxes the government gets from the industry, the people employed and the convenience of use with these polythene bags. The alternative (paper bags!); I haven’t planted a tree in the past 15 years and i guess even the top leaders have done it at a ceremony (because it is part of the agenda).

We could look at it this. First let’s improve disposal of these polythene bags. More garbage sites, waste segregation. By the waySlum Soccer in Kenya your right it is recyclable. It is not time to talk about the PET bottles (water, soda packages). The polythene bag is 100% recyclable. If we can improve the way we handle, use, and dispose the polythene bags it could give us a better socioeconomic option for the polythene bags.